Anne, Alight Guide

A cancer diagnosis is truly overwhelming. There is a special bond between survivors and this is the very essence of the mentor/mentee relationship. I enjoy being an Alight Guide™ survivor mentor because I understand how that diagnosis feels. It's helpful to have a local relationship because then we can meet, and they can see someone who has come through treatments and surgery and is looking good and feeling great! My mentee, Karen is a special person. She was still going through treatment and was already talking about how she wanted to volunteer with Alight!

Karen, Survivor

Anne has given me the encouragement and support I needed on my journey with breast cancer. She has inspired me to be an Alight Guide mentor by giving me hope. Through mentoring newly diagnosed patients, I continue the chain of hope to another woman starting her journey.

LINDA, Survivor

I had the opportunity to participate in a Day Away Fall Retreat, “Living with Uncertainty”. It was so uplifting and inspirational. It helped me as even after two years, as I struggle for answers. I appreciate Alight Foundation for allowing me that great opportunity. The facilitators were outstanding and the quiet time alone was a great time to seek our questions of where do we go now? I felt God's presence as we could hear the birds and look at the water. In our hurried pace, sometimes we forget what's important. It is a gentle reminder. The retreat was THE BEST thing I've experienced since cancer. Thanks for touching our lives as God's love shines through you and your group.

VICKIE, Survivor

Alight was always there for me when I was walking through my cancer journey. They are loving, kind and compassionate people who provided me with great information – the Journey book, educational events, support groups and a wonderful peer mentor who was always a phone call away. They provided emergency financial assistance to help pay my bills. Alight was a pink light that shined so brightly during the darkest days. I thank God every day for the support I received.

JAN, Survivor

My Pet Partners therapy Boston Terriers and I began visiting cancer patients at Wesley Long Hospital in 2009. Sitting quietly with patients or on their beds, my Bostons opened doors to heartfelt sharing. With the help of my sidekicks, I witnessed courage and resilience and learned a level of compassion I had not imagined. Nothing prepared me for my breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 nor for the outreach and support that came from unexpected places. I expected my therapy dogs to reach out a paw. The first month, I attended the Breast Cancer Support Group as I reached out for what I wasn't sure. What I found was a diverse community of survivors full of healing energy. Unexpected, I learned the power that survivors offered in unfiltered sharing of challenges, information, caring outreach and needed humor.

STACIE (and fiancé Savoy), Survivor

Every time I think about my life, I get excited because I am blessed. No one wants to hear they have cancer but our relationship with Alight has been essential to learning how to deal with the different aspects of cancer. The Alight Nights have provided invaluable ways to better cope with the effects of treatment. The support groups and programs have provided me a safe haven and hope for the future. My fiancé and I have seen how supportive Alight has been and they have been instrumental in our success going forward and learning to enjoy the journey.