FINANCIAL SUPPORT | Emergency Assistance Fund

The Alight Program provides financial support to breast cancer patients with a demonstrated need. These funds help patients focus on their treatment and wellness by assisting them with urgent financial needs such as rent, utilities, transportation, food and childcare. The program has assisted hundreds of patients and to date has been able to disburse over $250,000. To find out if you qualify, please contact a financial counselor at the Cone Health Cancer Center 336.832.1100.

ALIGHT GUIDES | Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Our team of survivor volunteers is an informed source of comfort and personal attention for patients when visiting Cone Health’s Alight Breast Cancer Clinic. From their initial clinic visit and through survivorship, these women help their peers navigate the breast cancer journey. Mentors are closely paired with newly-diagnosed patients and provide emotional support as patients face the challenges of breast cancer. Alight Guides are also available to patients who are treated at other nearby cancer facilities. Contact our office to learn more at 336-832-0027 or email alightinfo@conehealth.com.

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES | Your Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook

A comprehensive book is available to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients helping them to become familiar with a new vocabulary, the diagnosis, treatment protocols. Local breast cancer medical professionals and breast cancer survivors recommend this book as the best information to help patients make informed decisions. For a newly diagnosed patient who is overwhelmed and remembers very little of what they are told, this book is invaluable. With this book in hand, patients do not have to search the internet or scour through the library looking for helpful information.


Every newly diagnosed breast cancer patient in our community receives this guide providing valuable information on medical and community resources. It contains information on finding financial and legal aid, transportation, non‐cancer medical assistance, counseling, support programs, retailers with prosthesis garments and wigs, and more. There is information on the medical community, maps to their locations, and helpful hints for each stage of treatment.

PATIENT SUPPORT MATERIALS | Alight Tote Bag & Comfort Pillow

A tote bag is given to newly diagnosed patients and offers a convenient way to carry materials to and from appointments. A pillow for post‐surgery use is also included in the bag along with instructions. Patients find these pillows helpful for use with radiation, reconstruction and breathing therapy as well.

ALIGHT NIGHTS | Educational Series to Empower Cancer Patients

Several times throughout the year, the Alight Program hosts evening presentations followed by discussion on various topics relevant to breast cancer patients. Topics are selected based on feedback from patients and physicians and afford an opportunity to ask questions of experts in a non‐clinical setting. Click here to view upcoming events.

A DAY AWAY | Patient Retreats

Day‐long patient retreats focus on a selected topic and are open to women both in treatment and beyond. These retreats are facilitated by licensed therapists and counselors who are experienced with the needs of cancer patients and offer reflection, meditation and other activities building a peaceful ‘day away’ from the usual demands of life. Participants report feeling less fearful, rejuvenated and often more focused on gratitude and living in the present. To see when our next scheduled retreat will be held click here.