When you don't know how to help, we do.

The Alight Program at Cone Health Cancer Center supports local breast cancer patients and their families, in the greater Greensboro area. We provide financial, educational and emotional assistance as they navigate through their diagnosis, treatment options and plan of care. Through collaborative efforts with community and health agencies, patients and their families can make well‐ informed choices and have access to many significant resources. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you’ve come to the right place to get that extra care.

Mary Gorrell Jones - Founder

MARY GORRELL JONES, Alight Foundation Founder

Following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2003, Mary Gorrell Jones created the Alight initiative to provide adequate resources so other diagnosed with breast cancer could be better informed about treatment options and what to expect. In addition, she wanted to make sure each patient and their family had a support network to help them through the difficult times ahead. Mary’s desire was to help ease the fear, panic and disbelief of new patients so they could focus on the business of healing. It is the goal of the Alight Program at Cone Health Cancer Center to carry on that vision. We are committed to ensuring that not one breast cancer patient feels alone during their cancer journey.